Talent Assessment Tools

The data is the beginning of the discussion, not the end.

Just as a smart manager would utilize a financial statement to analyze what is happening inside and learn from it, so too do smart organizations utilize people assessment tools to analyze what is happening inside and learn from it. From EEOC compliant pre-employment competency testing to 360 surveys and team styles, Praxis helps organizations access the right technology and tools designed to gather the hard data needed to assess and then implement necessary action plans for their talent.


Knowing the data behind what drives an organization’s talent pool leads to better hiring and management decisions over time. Praxis Partners’ Talent Assessment Tools are designed to offer hard data on the competencies driving the (best) people in an organization. Using comprehensive web-based surveys Praxis collects data to determine:


  • Where training is needed – and where it isn’t!
  • Pre-employment screening that is compliant with EEOC regulations
  • 360-degree feedback on all aspects of performance
  • Individual competencies and values which predict patterns of success


Our questionnaires collect data based on adaptive measurement technology. With this advanced psychometric technology, questions are developed to accurately measure psychological constructs like key competencies and values that drive behavior.


But this isn’t just about gathering data. Praxis Partners consultants also work with organizational decision makers to analyze the data to develop better hiring practices and more effective, efficient leadership practices.


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