Why Choose Us

Praxis_Bullet_New Training:
“I just wanted to thank you for all your help on our strategic messaging and the imPAC Model™. The repetition and coaching has already starting paying off and I look forward to continuing my development and progress in utilizing this great tool.”

Sales Manager with Global Travel Company



“The Summit was a great event for us and I thank Praxis for working with us in putting it together… The classroom sessions were very favorably received … They helped us focus on the key skills that we wanted our AMs to be conscious of…The preparation that Praxis put into them as well as the conversations with the presenters really helped maximize their effectiveness. The facilitation skills brought out the best practices and learning from past experiences that we wanted.

Thanks for all the effort … it was a great event.”

– Executive VP/ CTO with Global IT Consulting Firm




Praxis_Bullet_New Executive Coaching:
“Praxis Partners has a great style with people, an easy rapport, that helps them draw out feedback from others, summarize it and then present it back in a way that is of great use to a coaching recipient. Praxis was able to help me sort through an incredible amount of feedback and distill it down to the few key changes I needed to make in order for me to be a more effective and respected leader.”

– Senior Sales Leader with Fortune 500 Company



“I was just talking to [ ] about the influence Praxis coaching has had on his life. THANK YOU for your influence and coaching. [ ] has grown in tremendous ways in the last year. I know it was hard on him, but I believe it has made him a much more effective leader and Senior Vice President. His entire sales team is reaping the benefits.
May Praxis continue to use its coaching talents to change lives. Thanks again.”

– Admin for SVP, Fortune 500 Company



Praxis_Bullet_New Consulting:
“Praxis makes collaboration both productive and fun…They demonstrate an immediate ability and strong interest in all aspects of client engagement, from needs analysis to design of creative solutions to excellence in program delivery. They are great business partners… (who) bring a passion for business development as well as consulting excellence.”

– Colleague



“Thank you for taking the time to share your approach with my team. I think that the group found it helpful and informative and I thought it was a great session.”

– Managing Director, Financial Services Company



“Fred has an incredible talent to guide and instruct with important detail, without losing the crowd. He has shown a great sense of humor, while holding a good sense of protocol. I’ve seen him break a tough icy atmosphere with a spur-of-the-moment one-liner, and then pull the group together with quick visionary remark. If I needed to get some unity in my team, he’d be my pick.”

– Small Business Owner