Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development services offer highly customized one-on-one or small group programs to help your organization accelerate the development of leaders. We address our clients’ specific needs, from talent assessment to team alignment and beyond to help create the most high performing leaders and teams possible.


Explore our most popular Leadership Development offerings below and contact us to set up a consultation.


Praxis_Bullet_NewTeam Alignment

We help executive teams untangle themselves and operate less like competitors and more like the cohesive leadership team the organization needs them to be. Our Team Alignment approach is flexible enough to meet the needs of a variety of leadership team configurations but structured enough that outcomes are quantifiable and achievable.


Praxis_Bullet_NewBuilding Your Leadership Brand

The Building Your Leadership Brand Workshop recognizes the power of brands in the commercial world and applies that technology to leaders. Participants learn to more consciously align their brand with the organization’s culture, thereby advancing their business goals and career goals simultaneously.


Praxis_Bullet_NewLeadership Development Academy

Our most robust and comprehensive offering, this highly customized program strengthens the talent pipeline, prepares HiPo’s for bigger and better assignments, and enables the organization to pressure-test who is most ready to step-up as future leaders.


Praxis_Bullet_NewTalent Assessment Tools

Talent assessment tools help identify gaps where additional training or development is needed. Our suite of talent assessment tools provides clients with valid and actionable insights into their people so as to better align organizational talent with strategy.


Praxis_Bullet_NewFacilitation Services

Senior team meetings and other critical business meetings both can benefit from our facilitation services. Praxis Partner consultants serve as a professional third party focused on managing the process – everything from meeting planning and flow to post-meeting follow-ups and action items. The result is that you and your team can participate more fully in your own agenda while remaining confident that the process followed will help to accomplish the mission critical objectives.