Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a structured, confidential development process designed to provide both the focus and the motivation necessary for your top talent to achieve two interrelated goals:


  • Advance their leadership effectiveness
  • Produce extraordinary and tangible business results with greater consistency


The result is executives who feel energized about hitting their demanding business goals while at the same time expanding their leadership skill sets!


While the tactics of each Executive Coaching engagement are as personalized as the leader on whom the process is centered, there are common challenges that can be navigated very profitably with a Praxis Partner Executive Coach:


Praxis_Bullet_NewGood to Great: A high performing executive or manager wants to increase effectiveness, strengthen skills, or fast-track preparation for running an organization


Praxis_Bullet_NewTechnical Leaders:  A manager with a strong technical background wants to build complementary leadership competencies and executive presence


Praxis_Bullet_NewHigh Potentials:  Assessing and enhancing the capacity of up-and-coming individuals who already demonstrate great promise to impact business results


Praxis_Bullet_NewCareer Development: An executive or manager wants to overcome advancement barriers or build a stronger leadership brand


Praxis_Bullet_NewOnboarding & Assimilation: Individuals who are in the initial stages of a new assignment


Praxis_Bullet_NewAction Coaching: Projects where the Coach serves as a facilitator to a team working on a live business project as part of their leadership development


Praxis_Bullet_NewPerformance Turnaround: Otherwise-talented individuals are in danger of “derailing” in their career due to a lack of specific skills or behaviors that need to be improved in order to remain in their current position



To learn how our Executive Coaching expertise has helped leaders and individuals across multiple industries, please Contact Us.