Maximizing Executive Presence

The MEP workshop is a ground-up approach to honing how managers define and project themselves. Participants learn how to both clarify and cultivate the essence of their individual leadership style and use that for maximum effectiveness.


Perceptions foster split-second judgments that can advance or detract from a manager’s effectiveness. The Maximizing Executive Presence program addresses each element of a leader’s persona to enhance confidence, define core beliefs and clarify standards of personal leadership integrity. Gravitas comes from the core, and MEP training refines an individual’s core leadership style.


The benefits of this training to participants and their teams back home include:

  • Enhanced self-awareness and fewer “blind” spots
  • Increased ability to build trust and gain “buy-in”
  • Greater satisfaction in the manager’s role
  • Ability to align your leadership style with the corporate leadership culture in which you work.


Contact us to explore how a Maximizing Executive Presence program can be customized for your organization.