Facilitation Services

Team members can become like family, and sometimes it takes a neutral facilitator to resolve difficulties, strengthen bonds and restore focus to the team. Whether it’s managing a senior team retreat, or simply quarterbacking an important internal meeting, Praxis Partner consultants are skilled at ensuring the success of mission-critical meetings.


Our consultants are experienced in facilitating meetings of all sizes, at any level in the organization. We keep the group focused on the task at hand by:


  • Rallying the group around shared goals
  • Establishing and maintaining mutual accountability and investment
  • Inspiring greater levels of cooperation and synergy
  • Clarifying objectives and the roadmaps to reach them
  • Fostering consensus among all participants
  • Working with root-cause analysis tools and problem solving models
  • Facilitating conflict management


Having Praxis Partners as an independent facilitation provider ensures meetings are kept productive and focused, saving you time and money.


For any sized group at any level of the organization, contact us to schedule an appointment with an experienced facilitator.