Overview of the Executive Coaching Process

Initial Meeting

  • Introductions
  • Why Coaching? Why Now?
  • Executive’s expectations; concerns; readiness
  • Coach’s expectations; concerns; focus
  • Confidentiality
  • Review of the process

Data gathering

  • Performance Reviews
  • 360 Profiles and Interviews
  • Personality style indicators (DiSC; MBTI; Hogan; etc)
  • Autobiography (2-5 pages)
  • Executive Questionnaire

Development Action Planning

  • Review and interpret data
  • Clarify Current State and Future State
  • Formulate 2-3 high value development targets

Implementation Sessions

  • Bi-weekly meetings initially
  • Monthly meetings thereafter (6 months total)


Progress Check

  • Conduct a “mini-survey” in month 5 of the formal coaching process to assess perceived progress with the Executive’s Raters and Manager


Wrap-up Meeting

  • Meeting with Executive and his/her Manager
  • Discuss the coaching engagement overall, the progress achieved and how to best support the Executive’s on-going leadership development