Building Your Leadership Brand

Everyone has a brand – by design or by default.

-Lida Citroen

Brands are built and managed (or mismanaged!) over time based on a combination of what is real, what is perceived, and what is expected.

The BYLB Workshop recognizes the power of brands in the consumer world and applies that technology to corporate leadership development. Our unique design of classroom exercises, targeted feedback and post-program coaching work together to advance your leadership branding in three key areas:


  • Understanding the importance, elements and impact of a leadership brand and how it supports company goals
  • Aligning leadership brands with personal values, core competencies, company values and feedback from others
  • Building skills in how to communicate a leadership brand with executive presence


The BYLB workshop is a top-down approach to assimilating HiPo employees, executives and managers around a common organizational culture of leadership. Corporations seeking to drive a new leadership culture will benefit from this alignment which results from this workshop.


Whether an employee is a newly promoted manager or a HiPo on the corporate fast track, the BYLB workshop will accelerate participants’ career opportunities and potential for advancement within the company.


Praxis Partners consultants provide on-site or off-sight BYLB workshops. Contact us for more information.